Jidvei Mysterium wine

Mysterium wine label design

The Mysterium Wine is limited concept wine designed to address a market segment well known for its general distrust towards the wine products: the night clubs/lounge bars arena.

The name of the collection comes from the fact that each Mysterium wine is actually a “coupage”, a blend made from up to three hand-picked grape varieties which makes every composition unique and the origin of their taste mysterious.  The packaging had to standout among the much shinier presence of beer, liqueurs and other spirits. The word “Mysterium” has also an UV treatment so that it actually shines with an electric, blue color when exposed to ultraviolet light.


  • » Label Design
  • » Production consultancy
  • » Product photography


  • » Emboss & Microemboss
  • » UV reactive ink
  • » Hotfoil


  • » Agency: Spotlight
  • » Printing House: IPPU
  • » Photographer (last photo): Studio Tantareanu